HY-SAVE has been involved in the research and development of non vapour-compression technologies for 12 years. LPA® technology is about maintaining refrigeration efficiency, providing unrivalled energy savings and lowering running costs which includes but not limited to DX free cooling, geothermal heat pumps, heat transfer and liquid distribution for data center server room cooling, supermarkets, cold stores, blast freezing, process cooling and air conditioning systems. 

Other areas include low N.P.S.H LPA® pumps for Co2 trans-critical or secondary cascade re-circulation systems that require ultimate performance and reliability at working conditions up to 1,800 psi (125 bar)

    Model 820 LPA® pump. Water cooled condenser - with liquid injection - superheat suppression DX Free Cooling - Model 820 DXFC LPA®
     LPA® 925  LPA® 820   DX Free Cooler