Whats new in 2015…

Good news for the cooling industry and good news for the environment. Introducing another HY-SAVE® USPO patent pending technology that restricts vapour compression usage by day and increased efficiency by night.

Also soon to launch the Stainless Steel version of model 875 rated at 75 bar  for higher pressures. We have provided a maximum allowable operating pressure of 107 bar that is supplied with Standard Industry stainless steel connection tubes that are compatible with the American Standard  copper tubing OD sizes in the refrigeration industry. For any other pressure ratings, please make contact with us.

In addition, HY-SAVE is please to offer an additional 2 years warranty over and above the standard warranty for all LPA® pumps purchased in 2010, 2011 and  2012. Please contact us with your LPA® pump serial number/s to validate.

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