Could “Minimising the Head Pressure” | HY-SAVE®

Could “Minimising the Head Pressure” | HY-SAVE®

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Could “Minimising the Head Pressure” be costing you more than you think?

Minimising the condensing temperature in attempt to save energy can have a negative effect on system running cost if not taking into account certain thermodynamic changes. As condensing pressure is reduced, the effect of flash gas in the liquid line rises sharply. 2% flash gas by weight in the liquid line at 38°C (F) condensing temperature will occupy 28% of the liquid line with vapour at 21°C (70F) condensing temperature. Flash gas produces no refrigeration effect, electronic expansion valves would simply open up wider in attempt to deliver cooler temperatures and allow this flash gas to pass through to the cooling coils. As a result, the compressors will require additional staging or cylinders to re-compressor this gas which has already been compressed once before. In summary, you could be wasting more than you think. View our minimising the head pressure slide show here.

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