ECA769 Commercial Retail Refrigeration

ECA769 Commercial Retail Refrigeration


It is estimated that commercial and retail refrigerationuses 16,000 million kWh of electricity per annum in theUK. This results in a cost of £1.3 billion and sevenmillion tonnes of CO2 (MtCO2) emissions1.The proportion of electricity used by commercial andretail refrigeration equipment is significant for most endusers. Examples2 include:• Around 30% of the electricity consumption of pubsand clubs• Around 50% of the electricity consumption ofsupermarkets• Around 70% of the electricity consumption ofsmaller shops• Around 90% of the electricity consumption of coldstore operators.There is often a large variation in the energyconsumption of refrigeration equipment. For many ofthe ECA categories, the most energy efficient productslisted use half as much electricity as the least efficient,unlisted products.

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