LPA 809-IND Liquid Pressure Amplifier

LPA 809-IND Liquid Pressure Amplifier


LPA®809 HFC | R290 | NH3 |

1 to 5 GPM Head 18 feet .13 HP °
Model LPA-809-IND PS 32 bar / 480 psi PT 64 bar / 920 psi NPSH 8″ to 10″”
TS Min -30°C / -22°F TS Max 72°C / 160°F Sipping 8 lb’s
Connections Stainless 5/8″ inlet 1/2″ outlet
Electrical 208-230/460V 50-60HZ

3 Responses to “ LPA 809-IND Liquid Pressure Amplifier ”

  1. Joe Davie says:

    I am working on a R&D project where this (or similar) liquid refrigerant pump might be just the thing to solve my flow problem. I simply need to pump liquid refrigerant (most likely R-134a) around a closed loop circuit. How can I go about getting set up with a sample pump?

  2. HY-SAVE Engineering says:

    Good day Joe,

    Our pumps work extremely well in a closed loop circuit such as you describe.
    Please contact us for specifics.

    We look forward to hearing back from you.

    HY-SAVE Engineering

  3. HY-SAVE Engineering says:

    Good day,

    Thank you for your interest in HYSAVE technologies.
    Please contact us via our Contact form for further information.

    HY-SAVE Engineering

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