Now available in production


Can be supplied with K65 connections Reated at 80 bar or copper rated at 50 bar. If  Stainless Steel welded connection are prefered, these can be provided albeit there may be some additional cost of machining and welding.

The 820-DS (Dual Stage) LPA® (Liquid Pressure Amplifier) is now available for high lift liquid line applications, superheat-suppression, compressor oil cooling, DX-Re circulation and the usual floating head pressure energy saving initiatives for refrigeration systems world-wide. The 820-DS has been designed to provide continuous operation developed with minimal power and low net positive suction head conditions the 820-DS-050 exceeds that criteria and more. Notice the 820-DS  has no cooling fans. Although this is a fractional .33ph motor at 50/60hz, engineered into the next size frame for convection, induction and flux heat loads to flow outwards to exterior rather than into the fluid.



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