Refrigeration on Demand – Auxiliary Thermal Storage Option

Refrigeration on Demand – Auxiliary Thermal Storage Option


DXTS™ The Auxiliary Charging Method

Refrigeration on Demand™ | The Thermal Storage Option | (TES) Thermal Energy Storage…

  • Refrigeration on demand – less energy usage by day (Non Vapor Compression Technologies)
  • Installed into the existing refrigeration circuit.
  • Efficient cascade style thermal energy charging and storage
  • Simple charging by night – more efficient battery charging during cooler night time temperatures
  • Battery condensing temperatures maintained at 15F annually – when during the day it is 100F outdoors
  • Existing liquid lines operate at evaporating pressures – refrigerant loss reduced due to less pressure
  • Can be converted to Co2 with Nh3 driven battery depending on how green one’s calling is
  • Good for the environment and economy – projected saving impact on the environment
Our newly introduced patent pending DX Thermal Storage and proven DX Free Cooling combination provides a new energy saving cooling technology for DX vapor compression type refrigeration systems world-wide.
 DXTS technology is about storing and shifting cooling energy for periods of time usually up to 12 hours then used when vapor compression is too costly or inefficient to operate, especially when it is 100F outdoor temperatures, compressors and condensers are best switched off.
 The DXTS unit is available either inline or auxiliary charging methods apply. The auxiliary charging method shown above offers a choice of two refrigerant blends in cascade communication with each other charged by an external refrigeration circuit. The inline DXTS unit is charged by its own refrigeration unit.
 The vapor compression system and condensing fans run during the storage charging period which would usually be at night or during other cooler periods. The DXTS module is charged by the DXVC vapor compression system as and when charging is required.
 The DXTS freezer module; 1 m3 provides approximately 10kw @-30C for 12 hours or 14kw for 8 hours of refrigeration demand. The outside aluminium framework is designed for stacking if floor space is premium versus outside installations that offer other benefits such as an add on DXFC air cooled condenser that can be used to provide cooling storage.
 The assembly adapts to the existing refrigeration rack’s suction and liquid line. The inclusion of an inverted “P” trap en-route the compressors ensures an uninterrupted return of vapors back to the battery during the DXFC cycle. The battery cells are charged by either load shedding at night or by an external cascade Ammonia or HFO refrigeration unit depending on how green one’s calling is.

 Anytime anywhere on demand refrigeration on a tariff that suits your budget. Thermal storage of cooling energy by night is an attractive way to save energy by avoiding higher operating charges during the day.


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    has added that the Auxiliary DX thermal storage unit acts like a cascade condenser except that it comes with cooling storage.

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