DX free cooling cycle

DX free cooling cycle

Savings up to 95% , weather permitting

DXFC™ is usually most suited for cooler or moderate climates. Refrigerant is delivered by the LPA® pump to the evaporators where it absorbs heat.

Heat absorbed by the evaporator is a measure of the fluid’s latent phase transition and mass flow rate. In our example, 7,920 lb/hr of R134A entering at 50F given the latent heat specific capacity of the fluid being 81 Btu/lb allowing for a 80% phase change. 7,920 lb/hr x 81 Btu’s/lb x .8 = 42 tons.

Applications include server room air conditioning, buildings internal office air conditioning occupancy heat gains, underground vault air conditioning, high/med/low refrigeration thermal cold storage applications, production chilling and other general refrigeration. dx free cooling

dx free cooling

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