Energy Efficient Refrigeration Technologies

Low lift liquid refrigerant pump

“Initial testing and performance of the 809-SS™ liquid refrigerant pump far surpassed all expectations  in dual stage technology low / high lift applications for both compressor de-superheating, superheat suppression or liquid injection  cooling technologies provided. The 809-SS (Single Stage) is a high head low NPSH fractional horse-power (0.13hp) liquid refrigerant pump that is self-unloading and unique in […]

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Extends second manufacturing plant UK

HY-SAVE expands their production facilities to include manufacturing of LPA® pumps, DX Free Cooling, DX Re-Circulation and DX Plate Thermal Storage Technologies. Over the past 10 years, HY-SAVE has developed a cost effective range of LPA pumps developed for high pressure fluids such as Co2 for energy efficient refrigeration or air conditioning applications. Installation is […]

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Model LDS-875-1-225

Model LDS-875-1-225 Recently added to our range of LDS (Liquid Delivery System) to supply 100% liquid delivery to all liquid metering devises such as TEV, EEV’s or Hand Expansion valves regardless of liquid line height or horizontal distance to the cooling coils. The model 875 provides pressure sub-cooling at a fractional cost versus traditional liquid […]

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How to Refurbish a Supermarket for Energy Savings

This report discusses the specific topic of how to refurbish a supermarket, including the overall process and steps of refurbishing an existing supermarket taking into account different stakeholder’s interests and requirements as well as the non-technological barriers; the technologies which allow achieving high energy efficiency as well as the challenges to their implementation at present; […]

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How to avoid Frost on Cold Room Evaporators and Display Cabinets

New bespoke designs and methlogy developed by HY-SAVE® to avoid accumalating of


Introducing the high low lift Liquid Pressure Amplifier, LPA® for Compressor cooling, for

LPA® Parts and Service Worldwide

LPA® pumps are extremely reliable, with tens of thousands of pumps serving

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