Over the past 35 years, the company has successfully managed tens of thousands of high-quality LPA® applications achieving great reductions in energy usage globally and significantly enhancing the level of confidence in the products, technology and services provided. About HY-SAVE.

In natural refrigerants, we have tailored our range of LPA® pumps to meet with the higher than normal working pressures for Co2 trans-critical systems for safer system operation.

Other exciting developments include a range of LPA® NH3 pumps now available in sizes up to 10 GPM. Recently launched Propane LPA® pumps ranging from 0.5 to 9 GPM are available in the stainless steel version.

Recently disclosed patent pending emerging technologies; combined DX Free Cooling with DX Thermal Storage, offer a more efficient thermal storage option for DX refrigeration equipment or air conditioning systems world wide. Unlike the auxiliary charging method, the inline DXTS unit is charged by the host system, usually at night, until there is sufficient storage of accumulated cooling for next days refrigeration requirement.

LPA® pumps and heat transfer products are available to suit a variety of applications.Contact us to discuss your energy efficient refrigeration design concepts today for a brighter future tomorrow.

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