HY-SAVE® operates its main production facility spanning over 12,500 square feet of production lines and testing facilities in the SW of England . Nearly four decades on since our concept, discovery, and many inventions, the company has successfully managed tens of thousands of high-quality LPA® applications. This has achieved great reductions in energy usage globally and significantly enhancing the level of confidence in the products, technology and services provided. In natural refrigerants, we have tailored our range of LPA® pumps to meet with the higher than normal working pressures for Co2 trans-critical systems for safer system operation. Our Co2 circuits differ to the traditional “pumped overfeed” circuits so please conatct us for specifications.

Recently launched, Propane model 809 LPA® ranging from 0.5 to 5 GPM is available in the stainless steel version. Recently disclosed patent pending emerging technologies; combined DX Free Cooling with DX Thermal Storage. Together they offer unprecedented thermal efficiency for storage option for DX refrigeration equipment or air conditioning systems world wide.

We have recently indroduced a method to avoid evaporaters from accumalating frost build-up thus saving defrosting energy and better presentaion of frost free display cabinets.

We work with OEMs to assist with design, applications and combined support at any time. We offer custome developed LPA® liquid refrigearnt pumps for bespoke applications.

hysave house

HY-SAVE® HQ in the United Kingdom. HY-SAVE HOUSE, Midsomer Norton, Bath, BA3 4BH


LPA® Manufacturing and Production Lines


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