Our Mission | HY-SAVE®

Our Mission | HY-SAVE®

Our missions are to reduce carbon emissions caused by refrigeration systems worldwide by aiding development of new technologies and improving upon existing methods.

Our range of products mostly a special line of LPA® (Liquid Pressure Amplification”) pumps are supplied to overcome refrigeration or air conditioning and associated liquid  line pressure drop that causes a fair amount of liquid to evaporate before it reaches the expansion valves or cooling coils in a refrigeration or air conditioning environment (especially with the newer refrigerant blends). Usually the liquid lines are long and oversized due to the designer’s concerns of increased pressure drop and losses in the liquid line.

What actually happens to the fluid flowing through an oversized liquid line and I am referring to simple straight sections of horizontal liquid line is that the liquid stratifies, meaning that a portion of liquid is occupying the lower section of the liquid line and a portion of vapor occupying the remaining top section diameter of the liquid line. This is most common seen during lower periods of refrigeration demand. The Expansion valve whether that be electronic or what ever tends to open wider to satisfy the coil’s superheat due to mostly vapor occupying the top section of the liquid line is passing through the valve. This vapor has already been compressed once before and therefore the necessity of compressor staging up further to handle that vapor that produced zero Refrigeration Effect (RE) in the first instance. This technology has been supplied by HY-SAVE® for near four decades.

Our other missions established by HY-SAVE in 1995 was to transfer refrigerant as a cooling means of removing heat from an occupied heat load are to outdoors when the outside temperatures are approximately 5 to 7°C below that of the room temperature, without vapor compression, just circulation of the fluid with a fractional hp motor. Our mission  is to introduce many more OEM’s worldwide to grab these opportunities and make their customers, happy customers!

Other missions happening, screw and centrifugal cooling have been developed to cool Danfoss Turbocor compressors at low lift conditions for added efficiency and stable running performance. These models can be seen by following this link for  interest. —LPA Dual Stage Pumps.

Recently approved by the PED and UKCA, our range of liquid pumps have been awarded an 80 bar Maximum Design Working pressure for higher pressure fluid applications.


LPA® Liquid Pressure Amplification – Top exit receiver with auto-by-pass and q-Min  LPA® Liquid Pressure Amplification) designed as a Surge Receiver to maintain any condenser subcooling.
860-top-outlet-receiver 833-BR-044-SURGE



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