R&D Developments & Progress- 2023

R&D Developments & Progress- 2023

  • 2023 – Recently conducted pressure strength testing of the dual stage model 809-DS that is supplied with K65 copper connections rated at 120 bar PS.  They maintain a final pressure holding of 241 bar (3,500psi) during their strength testing profile. Applications include pumping Co2 Supercritical fluid.


  • In thermostorage “DX Plate “Thermostorage”™ or Refrigeration on Demand™ are patented methods and techniques discovered in 2019 for storing cooling or heating energy at night for following day usage.


  • In heat pumps, a new method and reference is added to the group of air and ground source heat pumps, HY-SAVE introduces the “Latent Heat Pump” that does not require an outdoor unit eliminating cold weather efficiency losses and reverse cycle defrosting annoyance.


  • In pump performance, newly discovered method to eliminate pump cavitation at any operating condition. The method applies a theoretical “back pressure” on the receiver tank that is equivalent to a NPSH benefit of 90 feet or more. The method was tested by simulating a vertical condenser drainage scenario. The “back pressure” simulated aided the flow of liquid refrigerant from the condenser to the liquid receiver installed 20 feet above the condenser.


They work with OEMs to size up applications, testing of new technologies, R&D, experimental and creating more efficient means leading the industry, higher efficiencies, lower power consumption, natural refrigerants and a positive outlook to a greener future.

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