Case Study Retail Refrigeration – Electronic Expansion Valves

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Case Study Retail Refrigeration – Electronic Expansion Valves

A Danfoss Smart case controller and electronic expansion valves were installed at Tops Market 22 in Niagara Falls, New York. The installation covered one low temperature (two stage) rack and one medium temperature rack connected to forty three display case evaporators and five evaporators in a meat preparation room and walk-in meat boxes. R22 was used as the refrigerant in both racks. The head pressure was allowed to float in both systems.The electronic expansion valves were fitted in parallel with the existing thermostatic expansion valve and operation was switchedbetween the two systems three times per week to allow a fair comparison to be made. Energy savings were achieved with the electronic expansion valve because lower levels of superheat out of the evaporator allows better heat transfer and so higher evaporating pressures are used. This also reduces ice formation on the coils allowing lower ice build up and faster recovery from defrosting. The energy savings achieved averaged 9% with increasing savings in warmer months.

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