Co2 Transcritical Refrigeration

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Co2 Transcritical Refrigeration

Transcritical Co2 Cycle with and without Suction Line Heat Exchanger at High Ambient Temperatures

This paper discusses the comparative analysis of the transcritical cycle with and without suction line heat exchanger.


Study of Capillary Tubes in a Transcritical CO2 Refrigeration System

[EXTERNAL] ABSTRACT : A review of the literature on the flow of capillary tubes of different flow configurations especially adiabatic and non adiabatic, has been discussed in this paper. The paper presents the experimental and numerical analysis of different categories provides information about the range of input parameters especially tube diameter, tube length, surface roughness.Other […]


Application of CO2 (R744) Refrigerant in Industrial Cold Storage Refrigeration Plant

This paper describes four single stage CO2 (R744) vapour compression refrigeration systems servicing two medium sized freezer stores located in a food processing facility situated in Brisbane, Australia. The processes which lead to the selection of carbon dioxide as a refrigerant as well as the selection of condensing medium are detailed. In addition, the general plant design concept, plant control, automatic defrost method, practical issues relating to the installation and practical difficulties encountered during commissioning are described in detail. An assessment of the long term reliability of the R744 systems is made and future applications of R744 as a refrigerant are discussed.


Transcritical Co2 Refrigeration Cycle with Ejector Expansion Device

An ejector expansion transcritical CO2 refrigeration cycle is proposed to improve the COP of the basic transcritical CO2 cycle by reducing the expansion process losses.


An Investigation into the types of Co2 Refrigerations Systems in the Supermarket sector

This thesis theoretically and experimentally investigates different aspects of the application of CO2 in supermarket refrigeration.


Evaluation of Supermarket Co2 Refrigeration Systems

By Sara Johansson: This thesis is a part of a larger project where supermarket refrigeration systems with CO2 will be evaluated and compared to more conventional systems without carbon dioxide. This will give an indication if CO2 can be used in supermarkets and if the technology is ready to be more commercialized. Evaluation of Supermarket […]


An Introduction of a Transcritical Co2 Refrigeration Cycle

This paper describes the transcritical refrigeration cycle utilizing CO2 as working fluid which is composed with Gas cooler, Inter cooler, Suction Line Heat Exchanger, Capillary tube and Rolling Piston type 2-Stage CO2 Compressor. The adoption of the Inter cooler between 1st discharge and 2nd suction reduced the 2nd discharge gas temperature. The adoption of the […]


Transcritical CO2 heat pump systems: Energy Analysis including Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow effects

This paper presents the exergetic analysis and optimization of a transcritical carbon dioxide based heat pump cycle for simultaneous heating and cooling applications. A computer model has been developed first to simulate the system at steady state for different operating conditions and then to evaluate the system based on COP as well as exergetic efficiency, including component […]


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