Low Lift Refrigerant Pumps

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How to avoid Frost on Cold Room Evaporators and Display Cabinets

New bespoke designs and methlogy developed by HY-SAVE® to avoid accumalating of

Co2 Liquid Refrigerant Pump

The Co2 LPA® pump is a semi-hermetically sealed unit with important design

DXFC™ Wall Mounted Split AC unit with Outdoor Condenser

[Public Disclosure-23rd October 2016] DXFC, the alternative to running vapor compression when

Low Lift Refrigerant Pumps


Introducing the high low lift Liquid Pressure Amplifier, LPA® for Compressor cooling, for lower (CR) Compression Ratios, for increased efficiency and piece of mind. In addition the newly invented  DX ThermOstore© below has some unique features.  Newly developed and in production, Model 809-DS (Dual Stage) is a pump/motor combination that is designed to dissipate the entire […]



Can be supplied with K65 connections Reated at 80 bar or copper rated at 50 bar. If  Stainless Steel welded connection are prefered, these can be provided albeit there may be some additional cost of machining and welding. The 820-DS (Dual Stage) LPA® (Liquid Pressure Amplifier) is now available for high lift liquid line applications, […]



Model 809-SS-050 | 1 to 5 GPM | Max head 18 feet


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