Low lift liquid refrigerant pump

Low lift liquid refrigerant pump


“Initial testing and performance of the 820-DS™ liquid refrigerant pump far surpassed all expectations  in dual stage technology low / high lift applications for both compressor de-superheating, superheat suppression or liquid injection  cooling technologies provided.

The 820-DS (Dual Stage) is a high head low NPSH fractional horse-power (0.33hp) liquid refrigerant pump that is self-unloading and unique in design. The heat generated by the dual stage motor and magnetic flux is dissipated outdoors rather than into the fluid being pumped greatly reducing cavitation concerns.

The smaller 809-DS (Dual Stage) is now available with a dual stage 0.13 hp motor for compressor cooling applications.

The LPA® pump range combined has more than 420 million hours of operation in a full time refrigeration environment and continues to provide unrivalled reliability and efficiency in thousands of applications world-wide over the pasts 40 years. HY-SAVE® recommends that technicians, engineers or end uses designing or implementing the 820-DS work closely with them in any application design whether that be for Co2 DX re-circulation or Liquid Pressure Amplifier systems






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  1. PAUL YOUNG says:

    I knew Bob Hyde well and was the sales rep for the southeastern USA in the late 90′s In fact I made sales in Guatemala.
    It is great to know that the technology is now doing well because most people did not then.
    If any of the “old timers” are still around please have them contact me. Paul Young 352-355-3111

  2. Engineering says:

    Yes indeed Paul, we remember our HYS non profit meeting clearly. Happy to hear that you undevoured to seek our past time entrepreneurs for “old timers” remuneration!

  3. Engineering says:

    Good day all,

    Any comments here are appreciated,

    Thank you.

  4. Brian Jones says:


    I remember those days. Bob Hyde was a class act on all fronts. We used to represent the midwest for Hy-Save. Our firm did the work at Fermilab with Johnson Controls using Hy-Save. Wonderful project.

  5. Calvin Becker says:

    Great guys…
    We have a new technology out called “DX Receiver Suppression” It basically uses a portion of liquid delivered by the LPA pump to flash cool the liquid receiver, especially good during hotter periods.

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