DX Thermal Storage combined DX Free Cooling

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Most current refrigeration and air conditioning systems waste 20% to 40% of

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DXFC™ Wall Mounted Split AC unit with Outdoor Condenser

[Public Disclosure-23rd October 2016] DXFC, DX free cooling the alternative to running

DX Thermal Storage combined DX Free Cooling

Refrigeration on Demand ™ the Thermal Storage Option | Thermal Energy Storage (TES)

United Kingdom / United States – HYSAVE Technologies announces the new DXTS cool*pak™.

Tampa, FL, January 24, 2015 –(PR.com)– The DXTS cool*pak™ is a cutting edge approach towards superior refrigeration / air conditioning efficiency. Using their newly designed and developed patent pending DX Thermal Storage and proven DX Free Cooling combination, HYSAVE provides smarter energy saving cooling technology for DX vapor compression type refrigeration plant.

When vapor compression and condensing power are too costly or inefficient to operate (like when it is 115°F outdoors) condensing units, compressors and condensing fans should be turned off. DXTS technology makes this previously impossible rule a reality with existing AC equipment. DXTS technology is about storing and shifting cooling energy for periods of time, usually up to 12 hours. The inline DXTS unit is charged by its own refrigeration unit during cooler periods, usually at night, and it is typically sized to provide the equivalent refrigeration duty by day. Auxiliary charging methods are also available.Work smarter to reduce those high daytime operating costs with HYSAVE thermal storage technology. Anytime, anywhere Refrigeration on Demand™ that suits your budget.

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  1. Bob says:

    I am the head of refrigeration for a well known chain of markets. Your technology is interesting and request contact with our engineering department. We look forward to hearing from you.
    Thank you.

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