Environmental Savings

Environmental Savings


With tens of thousands of LPA® pumps running in the field and a combined operating record of over 315 million hours in a full time refrigeration environment, the LPA® technology continues to deliver massive energy reductions in carbon emissions per year. Our statistics show that this is equivalent to 630,500 tons of Co2 emissions per year, which includes DXFC™.

In our manufacturing and logistics side;

  • We have relocated our primary manufacturing plant nearer to our local shipping port…

Previously our sub-assemblies had to be transported a distance of 290 miles return per day by road which has been reduced to 11 miles return per day. Environmental Carbon Reduction Credits 33,145 kg or 73,052 lb/year

  • We have combined our sea cargo shipping routes…

to reduce the number of international passageways. We have increased our bulk volume to deliver more product less frequently. Environmental Carbon Reduction Credits 28,900 kg or 63,695 lb/year.

  • We have established warehousing and storage facilities…

in close proximity to our OEM factories and production lines to eliminate daily transportation costs harmful to the environment. Bulk consignments are delivered less frequently and locally. Environmental Carbon Reduction Credits 82,125 kg or 37,216 lb/year.

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