Cost Effective Monitoring

Cost Effective Monitoring

refrigeration energy monitoring

To prove energy efficiency gains or for development & research, we offer a reliable data flow and reporting tool that provides valuable formation.  As the characteristics of most refrigeration plant consumption depends greatly on outside ambient temperatures,  a proven variable baseline method called “correlation coefficient” which calculates kWh and compares with ambient temperature. refrigeration energy monitoringrefrigeration energy monitoringThe module includes automated alarming response facilities to warn of any energy wasting abnormalities such as high condensing temperatures or low suction temperatures, all of which contribute towards lower efficiency and higher power bills.

Set up is fully automated, admin facilities are available to set baselines, alarms and other circuit configurations. Each module is capable of monitoring two refrigeration circuits and can be expanded up to 40 circuits per data card or Ethernet connection.

Built in Ethernet allows you to connect immediately to the internet without IT experience. Selectable sensor configurations to suit your set up and monitoring preferences. Installation is fast and simple and does not require any third party knowledge.


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