How to Convert R22 to MO99 Refrigerant Retrofit Guide

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How to Convert R22 to MO99 Refrigerant Retrofit Guide

How to replace R22 with MO99 guideline

Summary – Steps to Retrofit

The following provides a summary of the basic retrofit steps for ISCEON® MO99.
(Detailed discussion of each step is provided in this bulletin.)
1. Establish baseline performance with existing refrigerant. (See retrofit checklist (attached))
2. Remove all the old (R22 or other) refrigerant from the system into a recovery cylinder. Weigh the amount removed.
3. Replace the filter drier and critical elastomeric seals/gaskets.
4. Evacuate system and check for leaks.
5. Charge with ISCEON® MO99.

6.Remove liquid only from charging cylinder.The initial charge amount should be approximately 85% of the standard charge for R22. The final charge amount will be approximately 95%.

7. Start up system, determine suction line superheat and adjust TXV and/or charge size if necessary to achieve the optimum value.
8. Monitor oil levels in compressor. Add oil as required to maintain proper levels
9. Label system showing the refrigerant (and any replacement lubricant) used. Update system log-book.
10. Retrofit Complete, have a beer.

CAUTION: If Flash-gas in the liquid line is worsened after the retrofit, consider installing a LPA® pump at the receiver or condenser outlet to provide pressure sub-cooling.

Download Complete Guide retrofit-guidelines-for-DuPont-ISCEON-MO99-refrigerant

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