Investigation Refrigeration Systems in Supermarkets – Stockholm Institute of Technology

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Investigation Refrigeration Systems in Supermarkets – Stockholm Institute of Technology

A thorough investigation on Deep-Freeze Refrigeration Systems in Supermarket Application is Purposed in the report. The objective is achieved by the combination of two separated parts, an intensive project study as well as an extensive refrigeration alternative and optimization survey.
Within the first part, completely indirect systems and partially indirect systems with secondary condensing cycles were widely analyzed and compared through two representative plants, and all the research had been carried out with the integration of field experiments. The conclusion is that, in the project study case, the completely indirect refrigeration system performed much better than the partially indirect (secondary condensing) system as to system performance, energy consumption, total investment and environmental impact points of view. This indicates that, in supermarket application, Indirect Refrigeration Systems generally perform better than Direct Refrigeration Systems, as to the aspects.
Download the full article, Stockholm Institute of Technology.

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