Liquid Pressure Amplification LPA® Refrigeration Energy Savings

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The Thermodynamic Principles of LPA

Most current refrigeration and air conditioning systems waste 20% to 40% of

Co2 Liquid Refrigerant Pump & LPA Economizer

The LPA® pump is an open-drive sealed unit with important design features:

DXFC™ Wall Mounted Split AC unit with Outdoor Condenser

[Public Disclosure-23rd October 2016] DXFC, DX free cooling the alternative to running

Liquid Pressure Amplification LPA® Refrigeration Energy Savings

HY-SAVE Model 809-SS-080

Liquid Pressure Amplification, (LPA®) invented by HY-SAVE in 1984 is still the most efficient energy saving technology available for commercial refrigeration or air conditioning today. Refrigeration energy savings.

The LPA® works by boosting liquid refrigerant through the refrigeration system. By increasing the liquid’s pressure, the associated saturation temperature is raised, while the liquid temperature remains the same. The liquid becomes sub-cooled; reducing the potential for flashing prior to the expansion valve. With LPA®, your business will enjoy higher efficiency, lower power draws and substantial cost savings.

The LPA® Pump is self-unloading so VSD control in not necessory. The flow demanded by the evaporators controls the flow rate deliverd by the LPA® pump.

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  1. PAUL YOUNG says:

    My name is Paul Young and I was the sales rep for HySave in the southeastern USA in the late 90’s. I knew Bob Hyde well. HySave and HyDry were a very hard sell in those days as few people in the supermarket industry believed in them. I know because I was the corporate energy manager for Bi-Lo Super markets and spoke at some FMI Energy conferences. I am now 77 and still believe in your technology.
    Congratulations on your ongoing success. I am sure the company has changed greatly since I was involved in it.

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