Liquid Pressure Amplification – Technology Keeps Improving

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The Thermodynamic Principles of LPA

Most current refrigeration and air conditioning systems waste 20% to 40% of

Co2 Liquid Refrigerant Pump & LPA Economizer

The LPA® pump is an open-drive sealed unit with important design features:

DXFC™ Wall Mounted Split AC unit with Outdoor Condenser

[Public Disclosure-23rd October 2016] DXFC, DX free cooling the alternative to running

Liquid Pressure Amplification – Technology Keeps Improving

Liquid Pressure Amplification LPA® can be applied to many types of refrigeration plant, including air conditioning systems. The benefits depend upon the type of refrigerant being used in the plant and the operating conditions. This is a specialist area and advice should be sought from the refrigeration plant’s manufacturer or service contractor to determine the applicability of LPA to any particular refrigeration system. The economic application depends upon the size of the chilling plant,the minimum size to consider installing LPA would be on a compressor of at least 100 kW electrical load,based on an 8,000 hour operating period.


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