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New bespoke designs and methlogy developed by HY-SAVE® to avoid accumalating of

Co2 Liquid Refrigerant Pump

The Co2 LPA® pump is a semi-hermetically sealed unit with important design

DXFC™ Wall Mounted Split AC unit with Outdoor Condenser

[Public Disclosure-23rd October 2016] DXFC, the alternative to running vapor compression when


Introducing the high low lift Liquid Pressure Amplifier, LPA® for Compressor cooling, for lower (CR) Compression Ratios, for increased efficiency and piece of mind. In addition the newly invented  DX ThermOstore© below has some unique features.

 Newly developed and in production, Model 809-DS (Dual Stage) is a pump/motor combination that is designed to dissipate the entire motor heat load to outdoors and not into the refrigerant or natural fluid. The pump is small and compact and can fit into sideward areas of the host system or converted up-side down if space is premium. The connecting or interconnecting tubing can be configured differently,for example, the pump outlet may be preferred downwards or the outlet horizontal left etc. The total weight of the 809-DS is 8kg or 17lb’s, sealed at both ends of the motor and suitable with fluids ranging from -30°C / -22F° to 85°C / 185F°. The first stage has a low NPSH of 12″ or less. System abnormalities such as during commissioning often create erratic staging of compressors and or condenser fans that would surly affect our NPSH recommended, especially during the commissioning phase. I would recommend that this pump stay off until the host cooling tank receiver is stable and down to it’s design temperature first. The second day is always best to start commissioning the pump sequences and deliver cooler temperatures.  The pressure boost of the 820-DS is double that of a single stage unit, 38 feet 60hz. Added power consumption is minimal by the addition of centrifugal and kinetic energy on the second impeller to move the fluid through to the second stage and up towards the coolers. The design operating pressure has been awarded PS 50 bar as standard but it is certified at 80 bar with K65 tubes or Stainless pipes. Special models up to 125 bar LPA pumps are available if there is a production requirement for them. The 809-DS-050-STD-B meets all criteria for compressor cooling and other applications that require liquid distribution for long and high liquid lines. The 809-DS has a low rate of 0.5 to 5 GPM and a max head of 38/40 feet at 60hz. The pump is self unloading so if the flow outlet fluid is throttled back such as with and hand expansion valve or EEV to cause a reduction in flow, it will  cause a reduction in pump power. Inverters can be used to raise,  prefere not lower, frequencies. We recommend 50 to 65Hz for for usual loads. These models are 3ph 208-230/460V/60hz and 3ph 380-460V/50hz. A new method and concept I developed and patented in the USA and across Europe is a combination  DX free Cooling and DX Free Heating. A compressor is used only when outside ambients permit versus the indoor temperature and that may be a data center. Traditional air conditioning systems can be converted to free cooling when the outdoor temperature is 5 to 7 deg. cooler than indoor temperatures.A more efficient method can be used to transfer the ice making condenser heat to the DX heating ThermOstore for heat needed during the evening or underflooor heating / hot water shower etc. saving heat for evening periods if necessary. During the day when the outside temperature warms up, the cooling ThermOstore will provide the cooling while the compressor remains off for as long as necessary. Patent invented by BECKER 2019. We welcome any interested partners to participate in this new adventure. Our best choice for the PCM for the cooling ThermOstore would be refined Beetroot. Totally organic. Choice of 3 fluids, My personal choice would be a Propane compressor simultaneously cooling and heating the ThermOstors. ThermOstores are modular in size and clip together for more cooling capacity. Any comments appreciated.
9 DX Therm0store Heating and Cooling-2020

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  1. Engineering says:

    Connections can be either ACR Standard Copper Tubing or K65. Stainless Steel connections are available albeit higher pricing for the supply of Stainless Steel and welded connections.
    These pumps are suitable for certain Turborcor compressor motor cooling. Contact us for further details.

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