Making Refrigeration More Efficient with LPA®

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The Thermodynamic Principles of LPA

Most current refrigeration and air conditioning systems waste 20% to 40% of

Co2 Liquid Refrigerant Pump & LPA Economizer

The LPA® pump is an open-drive sealed unit with important design features:

DXFC™ Wall Mounted Split AC unit with Outdoor Condenser

[Public Disclosure-23rd October 2016] DXFC, DX free cooling the alternative to running

Making Refrigeration More Efficient with LPA®

HY-SAVE® technology delivers significant energy savings that pay back promptly by making refrigeration more efficient. For DX applications considerable savings can be made, generally up to 40%, ambient temperatures permitting. By simply reducing the condensing temperature from 32°C to 18°C it will provide a saving of approximately 23%. As energy costs continue to rise, the more you gain. Our technology also reduces the amount of expensive refrigerant required, and minimises the load on compressors and fans, cutting your maintenance costs too.

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making refrigeration more efficient

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