Exclusive design and manufacturing;

We manufacturer according to the standards provided by the PED, UKCA and UL Notified Bodies. Our UKCA Standards will be similar to our neighbors’ EU Pressure Equipment Directive, the PED 2014/68/EU. We are in process of finalizing our maximum working pressures of 80bar We can upgrade certain other models to PS of 125 bar but these options are rare and tend to cost more as there is no current production at this moment in time. We comply to the following standards;

Our Standards Hpi-vs code-a-weld-sm

Under compliance with UL and Manufactured in accordance with the PED 2014/68/EU Certificate No. CE 2810 UKCA, we move on top the standards follow; EN ISO 15613:2004 EN ISO 9606-1:2013 EN 12516-3:2002 BS EN 12797:2000 BS EN 378-1:2008 BS EN 1982:2008 BS EN 13445-2:200 +A2:2006 BS EN 14276-2:2007 BS EN 14276-1:2006 BS EN 378-2:2008 BS EN 809:1998 ASTM B62-02, ANSI B16.22, ANSI B31.5, ASME Sec. VIII, ANSI/ASRAE 15 ASTM B280, AWSA5.8 Mechanical Life Wet-End +20 Years – Mechanical Life Impeller +100,000 Hours – Mechanical Endurance +300,000 Cycles – Mechanical Life Motor 12 to 15 Years Pressure Test = PS X 1,43  Strength Tested (200/285 bar) Leak Tested Helium min 5.5×10-5 Mbar.l/s. UL Strength Test 52 bar x 5  = 260bar. Pass. Fatigue testing  250,000 cycles minimum.

DXTS-Module-150KW-6HR 860-SS-050 860-top-outlet-receiver 1507_1 LDS-hysave-liquid-pressure-amplification-225kg
New Concept  860 Production inspection process  Top Exit Receiver, auto-bypass and minimum flow Max Head 50 feet 60 hz Heat transfer with a compressor  LDS (Liquid Delivery System)


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