Exclusive design and manufacturing;

HY-SAVE® has been manufacturing a range of LPA® Pumps and Liquid Delivery Systems (LDS™) to save energy in refrigeration and production cooling systems for just over 35 years.

They offer exclusive design and manufacturing services to OEM’s in the United States of America, Canada, Europe and Asia interested in product development and other bespoke applications.

The global quest for energy reduction and bespoke LPA® refrigeration applications have led them to expand into new R&D premises covered by the (PED) European Pressure Equipment Directive, British BSI, American and Canadian UL Standards.

In manufacturing, with the introduction of natural refrigerants, they have developed a range of Co2 LPA® pumps to suit a variety of applications. Their latest models include a range of high quality super-critical Co2 LPA® pumps rated at 125 bar for warmer environments and equipment safety. Their standards and recognition’s are;


Under compliance with UL and Manufactured in accordance with the PED 2014/68/EU Certificate No. CE685625

EN ISO 15613:2004 EN ISO 9606-1:2013 EN 12516-3:2002

BS EN 12797:2000 BS EN 378-1:2008 BS EN 1982:2008 BS EN 13445-2:200 +A2:2006 BS EN 14276-2:2007 BS EN 14276-1:2006 BS EN 378-2:2008 BS EN 809:1998

ASTM B62-02, ANSI B16.22, ANSI B31.5, ASME Sec. VIII, ANSI/ASRAE 15 ASTM B280, AWSA5.8

Mechanical Life Wet-End +20 Years – Mechanical Life Impeller +100,000 Hours – Mechanical Endurance +300,000 Cycles – Mechanical Life Motor 12 to 15 Years


Pressure Tested Nitrogen 930 psi (64.2 bar) – Strength Tested 2,175 psi (150 bar)

Leak Tested Helium min 6.4 x10-7 Mbar.l/s.

UL Fatigue Tested 100 psi to 930 psi (7 to 64.2 bar) 250,000 cycles

Optional Extended Warranty – 7 Years

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