In Manufacturing

Introducing a new model 975 having a nominal flow of 85 GPM and pumping head 110 feet. The model 975 is a new addition to the range of LPA pumps and can be used in a varierty of applications including Latent heat source heat pump applications.

HY-SAVE produces products according to the standards provided by the PED, UKCA and UL Notified Bodies to reduce energy consumption in refrigeration applications and works towards a greener future.

Our Standards Hpi-vs code-a-weld-sm

Compliance with UL and Manufactured in accordance with the PED 2014/68/EU Certificate No. CE 2810 UKCA,  EN ISO 15613:2004 EN ISO 9606-1:2013 EN 12516-3:2002 BS EN 12797:2000 BS EN 378-1:2008 BS EN 1982:2008 BS EN 13445-2:200 +A2:2006 BS EN 14276-2:2007 BS EN 14276-1:2006 BS EN 378-2:2008 BS EN 809:1998 ASTM B62-02, ANSI B16.22, ANSI B31.5, ASME Sec. VIII, ANSI/ASRAE 15 ASTM B280, AWSA5.8 Mechanical Life Wet-End +20 Years – Mechanical Life Impeller +200,000 Hours – Mechanical Endurance +300,000 Cycles – Mechanical Life Motor 15 to 20 Years, Pressure Test = PS X 1,43  Strength Tested (200/285 bar) Leak Tested Helium min 5.5×10-5 Mbar.l/s. UL Strength Test 52 bar x 5  = 260bar. Fatigue 250,000 cycles minimum.

DXTS-Module-150KW-6HR 860-SS-050 860-top-outlet-receiver 1507_1 LDS-hysave-liquid-pressure-amplification-225kg
New Concept  860 Production inspection process  Top Exit Receiver, auto-bypass and minimum flow Max Head 50 feet 60 hz Heat transfer with a compressor  LDS (Liquid Delivery System)

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