LPA® 860-SS-080-STD-EA

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The Thermodynamic Principles of LPA

Most current refrigeration and air conditioning systems waste 20% to 40% of

Co2 Liquid Refrigerant Pump & LPA Economizer

The LPA® pump is an open-drive sealed unit with important design features:

DXFC™ Wall Mounted Split AC unit with Outdoor Condenser

[Public Disclosure-23rd October 2016] DXFC, DX free cooling the alternative to running

LPA® 860-SS-080-STD-EA


860-SS-080-STD-EA | 4 to 30 GPM | Head 50 feet

This model is currently in production having K65 tube connections rated at 80 bar.

  • PS 1,160 psi / 80 bar
  • PT 1,659 psi / 115 bar
  • TS Min -30°F / -29°C
  • TS Max 160°F / +72°C
  • Inlet K65 Tube 1-5/8″
  • Outlet K65 Tube 7/8″”
  • Motor Power .6hp (60Hz)
  • Voltage 208-230 /460
  • Ampere 2.2-2 / 1
  • Phase 3PH
  • Frequency 50 / 60Hz
  • Thermal Overload


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  1. JV says:

    Hi guys,
    Could we use this to amplify C02 liquid line (max. 45/60bar) in a booster unit? Price indication?


  2. admin says:

    Good day Mr Vettenranta,

    We have many different possibilities, Please contact us via our Contact link at the top right hand side of our site for further information,

    Thank you,

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