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A discovery – condenser drainage

Defying the Laws of Gravity. Condenser drainage. The video shows a liquid

How to Convert R22 to MO99 Refrigerant Retrofit Guide

Summary - Steps to Retrofit The following provides a summary of the

About LPA® by Master Class

Published by Mike Creamer. With the increase in the cost of electricity,

DXTS™ Rack with Thermal Storage Battery

When vapor compression and condensing power are too costly or inefficient to operate (like when it is 115°F outdoors) condensing units, compressors and condensing fans should be turned off.


Model 875 Surge Type Liquid Receiver

Low profile surge type liquid receiver with 1-5/8″ auto by-pass. Due to system height constraints, the liquid receiver was converted to a surge type.


DX Thermal Storage combined DX Free Cooling

Tampa, FL, January 24, 2015 –(– The DXTS cool*pak™ is a cutting edge approach towards superior refrigeration / air conditioning efficiency. Using their newly designed and developed patent pending DX Thermal Storage and proven DX Free Cooling combination, HYSAVE provides smarter energy saving cooling technology for DX vapor compression type refrigeration systems world-wide.


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