Propane as R22 Replacement in Commercial Applications

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Propane as R22 Replacement in Commercial Applications

Refrigerant conversion, Propane (R290) can be introduced in many of today’s R22 applications. No other single component refrigerant has such similar thermodynamic behaviour to R22. In climates characterized by high ambient temperatures, R290 as a refrigerant conversion provides improved performance in terms of discharge temperature and pressure. The experience built up over several years of production, mainly with commercial refrigerated appliances (ice cream freezers, commercial freezers/ refrigerators, …), demonstrates that R290 refrigerant conversion is a promising alternative for R22, as components (e.g. compressors) are available in the market and R290 is compatible to the most commonly used heat exchangers and materials. However, application possibilities have been limited due to safety concerns. Safety standards for appliances are available, covering refrigerant charges up to 150 grams (g) per system. Appliance producers manufacturing R290 systems must be equipped accordingly, and service technicians must be trained in safe handling procedures.
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