A few of our existing and recent applications are

DXTS™ Thermal Storage – inline or auxiliary cooling energy storage units for DX systems, including split air conditioning units, roof top packages and water chillers.

DXFC™ Free Cooling Applications include heat transfer technologies in commercial refrigeration and air conditioning applications for efficient transfer of heat between selected mediums. DXFC™ adapts to a typical Direct Expansion type refrigeration circuit and can provide up to 100% or more of the original cooling capacity when outdoor conditions permit in cooler or moderate climates.

LDS™ Liquid Delivery System comprises of a liquid receiver and LPA® pump that maintains 100% liquid at the eev’s / tev’s during low load periods or low head pressure operation to improve system compression ratios during vapor compression.

LPA® Liquid Pressure Amplification pumps get installed in a refrigeration system to overcome liquid line pressure drop and prevent associated flash gas from entering the liquid line thereby increasing efficiency. Minimum head pressure controls can be set to reduced head pressures, thereby saving energy and increasing capacity at mild to cold outdoor temperatures.

DXCC™ Compressor Cooling – cylinder head Liquid Injection (Superheat Suppression) de super-heating options for compressor cooling.

  • Co2 – HFC – HFO Re-Circulation of refrigerant to display cases or fixtures DXFC or heat sink / thermal storage.
  • Data Center thermosiphon and distribution of refrigerants, DXFC™ techniques enhanced performance and maximum PUE
  • DXFC™ which includes LPA® pumps for refrigerant recirculation, as a first stage cooling cycle in cooler areas which can be adapted to a mechanical refrigeration unit during warmer periods.
  • Propane Water Chillers green initiatives to provide DXFC™ liquid propane distribution during cooler periods and refrigeration resources such as cascade Co2 condensers.
  • Co2 / Propane Ground Source Heat Pumps rely on LPA® pumps to circulate refrigerant ground-heat heating during cooler periods providing efficient heating and or cooling.
  • Co2 Sub critical LT where the LPA® pumps eliminate “flash gas” and deliver “vapor free” liquid to the cases or fixtures regardless of location or DE-super-heating Co2 discharge temperatures for improved performance.
  • Condenser DE-super-heating discharge vapors to improve condenser performance and system efficiency.
  • Two Phase Heat Transfer Systems - with natural refrigerants such as propane used as the working fluid to transfer heat and provide cooling in a variety of applications for higher efficiency. LPA® Thermosiphon techniques.
  • Oil Cooling Applications that require intense cooling heat transfer to ambient provides an ultra reliable means of oil cooling at a fraction of the cost.
  • Compressor Cylinder Cooling where liquid refrigerant from the condenser is injected directly into the cylinder head reducing discharge temperatures substantially.
  • Co2 Trans-critical suction line DE-super-heating Co2 Trans-critical suction line DE-super-heating
  • Refrigerated transport and container refrigeration that rely on LPA® pumps to provide much reduced condensing temperatures and higher efficiencies.

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