De-Humidification with HY-DRY™

De-Humidification with HY-DRY™

The most commonly heard comment about HY-DRY™ – “This is so simple. Why didn’t I think of it?”

HY-DRY – The Ultimate System:

  • Lowest operating cost
  • Most efficient for NEW systems
  • Most efficient for OLDER systems


HY-DRY patented technology provides an affordable moisture removal increase by as much as 70% relative to existing systems without HY-DRY. This lower humidity allows your building to change from “cold and clammy” to cool and dry fresh air. Everyone in the building will enjoy the ultimate comfort.

A Cure for “Sick Building Syndrome”:

“The most important factor in reducing airborne mold and bacterial count is the control of moisture in the building.” Office of Toxicology & Hazard Assessment

Excessive humidity can lead to objectionable moisture levels in a building’s duct work which causes build up of mold and bacteria. This can foster an unhealthy working environment or “sick building syndrome.” Getting rid of this humidity saves energy and maintenance costs too!

Higher Cooling Efficiency:

Higher cooling efficiency is gained when your building no longer is burdened with high humidity. As the humidity is reduced, your cooling increases. Refer to the chart to see how much the sensible cooling increases with lower humidity levels in your building. By dehumidification, HY-DRY™ can attain more cooling for your money.


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