HY-DRY Additional Features

HY-DRY Additional Features

The key benefit of the system is the use of internal energy only. No external heat, neither gas nor electric, is used to reheat. The system does not require an increase in fan power. HY-DRY® makes use of otherwise wasted energy to give you a much more efficient system. It’s simple and is as easy to install as it is effective. That’s refrigeration efficiency!

Lowest Possible Head Pressures

As a bonus you receive the patented HY-SAVE® system. Dramatic energy savings are obtained with this “floating head pressure” system, which allows your equipment to operate at the lowest possible head pressures. Many users have seen the results of this remarkable technology result in energy savings, reduced maintenance and longer equipment life. Manufacturers utilise the system and customers have had the system retrofitted with the LPA® and Liquid Injection. National chains realise that saving energy adds profits to their operation and have demanded more from their cooling systems. HY-DRY® delivered for them and our engineers can deliver for you too. We are as close as your phone.

Supermarkets – Frost Free Chiller Cabinets

Many store engineers are aware of the benefits of reducing the humidity in their facility. Reduction of latent heat loads on the store refrigeration saves as much as 13% on energy used. Energy is consumed in the formation of frost on the evaporators in the cases. This build up of frost reduces the heat transfer and efficiency of the system. Not only does the frost build-up consume energy, it takes energy to get rid of the frost. Reduction of humidity pays dividends year after year.

Additional savings can be realised by reducing Mullion heater loads. Until now, equipment for this moisture control has been expensive to buy and to maintain. HY-DRY® can now meet the needs with a minimum investment. It will not only save on installation costs, it will reduce the energy use of the air conditioning system as well as the refrigeration system.

Products stay frost free longer and are more attractive to the shopper. HY-DRY® can help you at a price you can afford.


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