LPA® Liquid Pressure Amplification

LPA® Liquid Pressure Amplification

LPA pumps are used to overcome liquid line pressure drop and provide 100% liquid refrigerant to the liquid metering devise and cooling coils at all times.  Typically when head pressures are reduced this leads to starving the liquid metering devise especially if liquid lines are long or if there is liquid line vertical rise to the cooling coils. The LPA pump overcomes Liquid line flashing which is worsened as condensing pressures are reduced. This has a negative effect on system capacity and efficiency.

DX Free Cooling provided when outdoor ambient temperatures are cooler than internal cold storage temperature for many months during cooler seasonal operation for less cost

DX Free Cooling addition to existing refrigerant plant. First stage compression medium temperature control and second stage compression for added capacity or low temperature storage. The system is suited for cooler climates. *System operating efficiencies COP/EEER vary with the average annual outdoor temperatures in the region.

liquid pressure amplification

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