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LPA® Tour Page 09

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In a Nut Shell…

Reduced discharge pressures and the corresponding reduction in compression ratios increase system longevity and reduce operating costs. The addition of the LPA® system will help to accomplish both these goals.

Typical energy savings that can be expected as a result of reducing system compression ratio would be in the region of 20 to 45% . This projection is based on an average mean ambient temperature of 50F (10°C) and previous condensing temperatures of 100F (38°C).

Our Manufacturing Standards

Manufactured in accordance with the PED DIR/97/23/EC “CE” CAT A1 – Gas Groups 1 & 2 TUV (Audited) UL Co2 Classified

BS EN 12797:2000 BS EN 378-1:2008 BS EN 1982:2008 BS EN 13445-2:200 +A2:2006 BS EN 14276-2:2007 BS EN 14276-1:2006 BS EN 378-2:2008 BS EN 809:1998

ASTM B62-02, ANSI B16.22, ANSI B31.5, ASME Sec. VIII, ANSI/ASRAE 15 ASTM B280, AWSA5.8

Our Endurance & Mechanical Life

Wet-End +20 Years

Mechanical Life Impeller +100,000 Hours

Mechanical Endurance +300,000 Cycles

Mechanical Life Motor 12 to 15 Years

Warranty – 7 Years

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DIR/97/23/EC “CE” CAT A1 – Gas Groups 1 & 2

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