LPA® Retrofit

LPA® Retrofit

10’s of thousands of LPA® pumps have been installed as a simple retrofit means of getting liquid refrigerant to the expansion valves when minimum head pressure controls are set to reduced head pressures, thereby saving energy and increasing capacity at mild to cold outdoor temperatures.

  • The LPA® pump eliminates the usual problems of capacity loss and poor oil return due to operating with low head pressure.
  • Improved performance and efficiency of a system that has flash vapor in the liquid line. This is especially apparent if flash vapor is a serious problem, as in systems with excessive liquid line pressure drop, elevation gain in the liquid line, or if the air surrounding the liquid line is warmer than the outdoor temperature.
  • Reduced scaling problems on water-cooled systems when a small amount of high pressure liquid from the pump outlet is injected into the discharge line, reducing the vapor temperature.

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simple lpa retrofit

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