Compressor Cooling with LPA®

Compressor Cooling with LPA®

The low lift liquid refrigerant LPA® pump (Liquid Pressure Amplifier).

Flow rate region – 0.5 to 6 GPM |  Power – .125 – .33hp

Self UnloadingSelf-Unloading – (Capacity Control)


All LPA pumps are self-unloading. Flow rate is proportionate to power. When the outlet flow is restricted, the power absorbed by the motor decreases.

Anti dead head controls, over pressure regulators, by-pass

Anti dead head or over pressure by-pass valves → are not required for compressor cooling applications.

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Model No. 809-DS-050-STD-B

Part No. 809-DS-050-STD-B

Liquid refrigerant pump model 820-DS

Part No. 820-DS-050-VSD-B

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