Tesco Supermarket Case Study, Liquid Pressure Amplification

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Tesco Supermarket Case Study, Liquid Pressure Amplification

UK based supermarket retail giant Tesco has lead by example in recent years when it comes to saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions from their retail stores. In the period from 2000 to 2009 Tesco UK Carbon Dioxide emissions per ft2 of floor space have halved.*
In trials of HY-SAVE® Liquid Pressure Amplification (LPA) system at a Tesco store in Ireland, independent energy consultants saw the amount of energy consumed by the refrigeration plant reduce by 24%. Previously at the store, condensing temperatures had to be kept unnecessarily high at around 32°C to combat system flash gas and to keep the stores evaporators operating efficiently. Since LPA® pumps were installed in the system’s liquid line, condensing temperatures have been reduced to 20°C (68F) whilst delivering vapour-free refrigerant to the stores display cabinets and cold rooms maintaining peak efficiency.

Download document>> Tesco-Energy-Savings-Liquid-Pressure-Amplification-Case-Study

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